Online & desktop reporting of your cloud data.

Use our template reports or build your own.

Access from any web enabled device, PC & MAC.

Web features

NB Web reporting: FreeAgent only until end April 2015

Drag & drop

We blend your online data giving you the key fields & measures you need to analyse, summarise, filter and sort.

One click charts

Any grid of data can be turned immediately into a visual chart of your choice. Giving clarity and visibility of your numbers.

Use the Personal Edition to report on your own online accounting data or report across your entire client base using our Business Editions.

Use diga with your preferred spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel

Run the diga Microsoft Excel add-in and interrogate your data using the accountants’ favourite analytical tool.

Google Sheetssafeguardmy-man-accountants

diga runs as an add-on for Google Sheets giving you true web-based spreadsheet reporting.

Access your data from any third party reporting application.

diga feeds directly into Qlikview. We can assist with your application build and offer starter templates.

Alternatively, just use diga and build your own Qlikview dashboards.

We can integrate your data direct in to Tableau and can assist with your application build.

If you prefer just use the diga data we provide to build your own dashboards.

One simple subscription delivers all three methods of data access :-




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