Is there any value in accountants’ using Pinterest?

Is there any value in accountant’s using Pinterest?


Pinterest is a popular social media network for sharing pictures, but does it hold any value for Accountants?

Accountants like numbers, but what if a visual medium could assist with driving traffic to their website and promoting their practice? Businessbackbone looks at issues relating to adoption, providing a final recommendation as to how this adoption would positively impact accountants’ businesses.

What’s the attraction?

Pinterest drives more referral traffic to websites than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. 1

In addition, Pinterest’s aim is to get people to pin and share your images as well as encouraging a financial transaction. Pinterest does this by showcasing a brand or promoting an accountancy service that the accounting practice sells.

Oftentimes, accountants are represented unfairly by the media as boring, stuffy and strict. In order to prove that your accountancy firm is a practice that everybody wants to work with and that you have a quirky style (e.g. the Numbers Nerds – or DJCA – Pinterest will help you to humanise your accountancy practice and will showcase what makes your business a success and a pleasure to work with.

Here are six recommendations from Business Backbone as to why accountants should use Pinterest as part of their social media offering:

1. Expand your online presence (visibility)

2. Promote products and services (via back links)

3. Drive traffic to your website (SEO)

4. Google images – helps your website to do better in image search

5. Provide for a meaningful engagement with an audience who already has a shared interest, building a relationship and telling a story about you and your business

6. A way to inspire yourself and others to share your interests, which helps with humanising your accountancy practice

What use is a Pinterest business account for accountants? What can you access?

• Analytical tools

• Case studies

• Widgets and links for your website

To sign up visit: For those accountants who deal with video, this can be ‘pinned’ as well as images. Furthermore, in order to find out more check out this guide to Pinterest for beginners.2 Should you feel like it, you can also showcase your practice’s location using the MAP functionality feature which adds an interactive map to your board and puts your images on the map with your postcode or your location name.

Social and Digital Marketing Tips for CPA’s

In a report by Becky Livingstone titled Social and Digital Marketing Tips for CPA’s, Becky outlines What Accountants Need to Know about Pinterest. She discusses five points as to why accountants will benefit from adoption.

• Promotion

• Recruitment

• Content

• Lead Generation

• Vendor and Client Referral

Let’s look at each category in more detail:


Promote your blog, services and products using this platform. You need some type of image to share.  Share insider tips or top trends to aid with engagement, so it’s not just about posting products and services.


Typing in CPA will bring up a list of potential individuals for practices to recruit.


If you have something to share with a female audience:

“For the CPA, target your blog, tips, comments, and services on women-specific issues. Share articles and tips about elder care and the tax implications, trust funds for your pets, saving for your or your child’s future, investing, and so much more.” 3

Lead Generation

This medium is dominated by males who are earning a six figure income in the UK. In the United States female demographics outnumber male demographics.

Vendor and Client Referral

This may be your new “go-to” place to learn more about a vendor or client you’re planning to work with. View their areas of expertise, interests, and how they present their content to viewers.

Not another social media platform to share and monitor!

By signing in to your Pinterest account with your Twitter e mail address you can share your ‘pins’ on Twitter.
Additional platform features

• You can add up to three hash-tags to your images in order to assist with searchability

• By adding the £ sign to a pin description, Pinterest should allow the pin to appear in the Gift’s section, if you do this link it to the product page of your website.

• To get images to pin try visiting or If you use somebody else’s existing image on your board DO NOT CHANGE the URL.

• To verify your website to use Pinterest complete instructions can be found at:


As with all social media one size does not fit all. Ask yourself if Pinterest is right for your practice? There are a wide variety of benefits from increased brand exposure, Search Engine Optimisation and a potential networking and recruitment tool. If you worry that it is difficult to master, then it really isn’t as there are plenty of good books and free online resources out there to help you get to grips with this platform.

In addition, Pinterest already works with Twitter, but it has yet to catch up and work with Facebook Business pages, although it will work on a personal page – it will only be a matter of time. Finally, if more referral traffic is generated than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined then what have you got to lose? Integrate Pinterest into your social media strategy and help yourself to promote your brand, your products and your services.


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