Business Edition Pricing

diga reporting: Web, Desktop and Integration

Bookkeeper Up to 50 Clients


Per MonthDaily Refresh

Excel & Web

Advisor 200 Clients


Per MonthReport Desk Service

Daily Refresh

Excel & Web

Practice 825 Clients


Per MonthUser Support

Report Desk Service

Daily Refresh

Excel & Web

Enterprise 1250 Clients


Per MonthUser support

Report Desk Service

Daily Refresh

Excel & Web

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All prices exclude VAT and associated taxes where applicable

Add safeguardmy: automatically emailed client data backups

Bookkeeper including 50 data backups


Per Month+12p per client per month

Advisor including 200 data backups


Per Month+11p per client per month

Practice including 825 data backups


Per Month<9p per client per month

Enterprise including 1250 data backups


Per Month+7p per client per month

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All prices exclude VAT and associated taxes where applicable

FAQs (Frequent Asked Questions)

What Payment Methods do you accept?

We accept VISA or Mastercard credit card payments or you can create a direct debit payment using GoCardless (UK & Europe only).

Can I change my plan at any time?

Yes you can amend your plan at anytime.

Is there a minimum contract period?

There is no minimum contract period. You are free to use our service for as long as you continue to receive great value from it. If there is any feature missing which would see you stay longer such as a report or specific dataset simply get in touch as we’ll do our best to build it in to the standard offering.

What is a Client Connection?

A Client Connection is a data feed from a single online application.

Personal plan users

  • Duo: connect up to 2 online applications per account.
  • Multi: connect up to 5 online applications per account

Business plan users can connect the number of application clients as stated in the chosen plan.

How do you connect to the data?

diga is a “secure integration pathway” that retrieves data from an application which can be an accounting application or some other form of data processing application which is often integrated to the accounting application. An example would be FreeAgent & ReceiptBank.

We retrieve the data and present it to you to report with.

We use vendor approved authentication at all times to create secure data access which you control.

How can I report my data?

diga has three principle methods to allow you to report on your data.

  • Web pivot engine – allows you complete access to your data from any device including iPad and smartphone. Currently, this is only available for FreeAgent users.
  • Spreadsheet – power users will appreciate freedom to mine their data from within Microsoft Excel or (shortly) to use Google Sheets.
  • Integration – connect your own database applications like Microsoft Access or integrate your online data using diga with other reporting tools such as :-